Why use a PEO like Solution Services?

ImageMore than ever before, companies are outsourcing HR functions by making use of professional employer organizations (PEO’s). PEO’s perform a wide variety of tasks such as; payroll management, benefits administration, tax filings, risk management, workers compensation, personnel issues, new hire orientation, HR consulting, employee handbook, state and federal laws and regulations, and most importantly now: navigating the confusing world of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA or commonly known as Obamacare).

Given the wide range of tasks that they perform, PEO’s are recognized as “co-employers” to the client that they serve. They are the employer of record, and assume many legal rights and duties as they pertain to personnel issues. The most attractive advantage a company gains when entering into a PEO relationship is the ability to offer employees a much wider selection of benefits, often at considerably lower cost. Due to the large number of employees, PEO’s and their clients enjoy the economies of scale usually reserved for only the largest employers.

Another advantage of using a PEO is the personnel and staff that they employ at their own office. Rarely will you find an HR professional that is well versed in every single aspect of human resources. In a PEO office, you may have staff that is well educated in payroll; and they take care of all the payroll functions for the client including garnishments, deductions, hours, overtime, etc. There may also be a benefits professional that has a vast knowledge of health and dental insurance, COBRA, 401K, supplemental insurance, and life insurance. Then there could be an HR professional that takes care of all the risk and personnel needs; someone who understands workers compensation, FMLA, disciplinary issues, EEOC, ADA, Fair Labor Standards Act, etc. Rarely will you find one individual that is highly educated and knowledgeable in all these areas. Using a PEO like Solution Services, you will get skilled employees in all of these areas.

Solution Services’ ability to hone our skills and apply them in the work place eliminates the pressure from organizations and allows employees to focus on core income producing competencies.  We pride ourselves in proactive practices to educate, facilitate and train work-site staff in the essentials of workplace standards and professionalism.

Since 1999, Solution Services has been leveraging their expertise here in Utah to posture an enviable position by eliminating the challenges of compliance reporting and providing affordable healthcare options for workplace employees. We offer a free consultation to review and consider the stable, affordable, and innovative options that are available to any organization through a Solution Services partnership. Our clients are experiencing hassle free compliance along with affordable healthcare benefit plan enhancements that allow them to focus on growing their business.

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