New OSHA Reporting Requirements 2015

Utah PEO Company

If your business is required by law to keep and post an OSHA log, you still have one more day to comply! That is the good news. The bad news might be that you might have not been aware that this year, your company might have to post an OSHA log. Employers in dozens of industries that may not have had to keep an OSHA log in the past, will now be required to maintain one, along with new requirements on what must be reported. These reporting changes will most likely prompt more OSHA investigations and lead to stricter laws and rules in the upcoming years. Specifics on which industries are now required to post an OSHA log, please visit which has links and information if your industry is still exempt from reporting. If you are no longer exempt, the a blank OSHA log is also available there to get started. Along with a FAQ section. states: “Establishments located in States under Federal OSHA jurisdiction must begin to comply with the new requirements on January 1, 2015. Establishments located in states that operate their own safety and health programs (State Plan States) should check with their state plan for the implementation date of the new requirements. OSHA encourages the states to implement the new coverage provisions on 1/1/2015, but some may not be able to meet this tight deadline.”

Before the change, employers in states covered under Federal OSHA were required to report all work-related fatalities and hospitalizations of three or more employees within eight hours of the incident. Beginning in January 2015, employers will have to make that reporting for just one or more employees. They will also now have to report amputations and losses of an eye to OSHA within 24 hours. These are both new reporting requirements.

There are currently 27 states that have their own OSHA-approved health and safety plans called “State Plans.” State Plans are required to have at least the minimum that Federal OSHA plans have – which means that State Plans are usually more strict and have stronger rules. The Federal OSHA guidelines are the minimum. We recommend always checking with your Utah PEO Company to find out the State Plan to make sure your company is in compliance with what your current practices are. also states: “All State Plans have begun reviewing their current reporting and recordkeeping requirements to determine how they compare to OSHA’s new reporting requirements. Over the next six months, each State Plan will work to adopt OSHA’s new requirements, and may retain or adopt more stringent requirements. To contact your State Plan about current recordkeeping and reporting requirements, and when and how those requirements will change, please visit:” Source found here.

To avoid investigations and unneeded frustrations when it comes to OSHA reporting, recording, and paperwork; always consult with your State Plan, or be familiar with the Federal requirements (whichever is applicable). Using a Utah PEO company like Solution Services can ease all of these concerns. We are always up to date on State and Federal plans and work alongside with your company to ensure proper protection.