HR Trends for 2018

It’s crazy to think that 2018 is almost here. In the HR world, things are always changing – laws, rules, regulations, staff (am I right?), policies, procedures, benefits, handbooks, payroll, outsourcing, drug testing, trainings…so basically everything in the HR world is in flux at one time or another. There is a possibility everything I listed could change next year; so what is the trend outlook for HR professionals for 2018? I don’t have a crystal ball, but here’s what I envision:

  1. Handbook updates and fixes: Handbooks need to be examined closely in the next year. Making sure ADA is current, harassment policies updated {see last post ;)}, various state and city mandated paid leave policies (does this apply to your state??), and possibly medical use marijuana policies. Your employee handbooks are extremely important when it comes to establishing policies and procedures, but also documenting company culture.
  2. Speaking of company culture: 2018 is a continuance from 2017 of cementing company culture, mission and values. And not just being a statement, but more of establishing the type of wellness, staff, and vision that a company promotes. From personalizing wellness programs, providing stand up desks, promoting more employee benefits – the rise of the millennial generation entering the workforce has made some positive influence over companies and their culture.
  3. Employee benefits: In 2017 we saw a rise in increased benefits due to the dwindling unemployment force. In order to retain an existing workforce, employers looked to increasing and enriching their benefits package. Look to this same trend well into 2018. Flexible schedules, unlimited PTO, and digitizing processes will continue.
  4. With a change in administration and the shift from a democratic NLRB to a Republican NLRB – all HR professionals should keep their nose to the ground with the NLRB regarding:
    • Joint Employers (yay!)
    • Concerted activity for protection
    • Off duty employee activity
    • Employee Handbooks (see #1!)

The HR world is constantly changing; which is what makes this industry so exciting and interesting to work in. In order to be in compliance with all the various rules and regulations, it’s smart to outsource some of these challenges to a PEO like Solution Services. Making sure your handbooks are updated, your culture is established and your benefits are up to par; give us a call today to see how we can help.