10 Elements Every Handbook Should Have

Every single employer, big or small, should have a company handbook. More than just providing employees with policies and procedures, it’s also a protection for business owners if your handbook contains the right information. With disclosures and disclaimers, along with policies and requirements – your handbook and acknowledgement of the handbook can become a life saver.

Thankfully, Solution Services has identified “10 Essential Elements” that every handbook should have! I will give you the first three items, and then you can head over to our website to get the rest!

  1. The Disclaimer/Acknowledgement – The disclaimer is what defines the nature of the employee handbook. It should clearly state that the handbook is not a contract of employment. Also, an acknowledgement that the employee received the handbook and agree to comply with the policies that are listed in the handbook.
  2. Company Goals and Mission Statement – Lay out the company goals and mission statement at the beginning. A mission statement should be brief and focus on the organization’s sense of purpose and duty. The goals are a way to motivate employees to a mutual purpose and a great way to bring employees together as a team.
  3. Employee Definition – It’s important to clearly establish what kind of employees are employed at your organization. Exempt, non-exempt, full time, or part time should be included along with contractors, vendors, and temporary employees.

Want to know more? Head on over to our website to keep reading! In using a PEO like Solution Services, we not only help you with your employee handbook – we actually provide it to you as part of our services. We make sure it’s exactly what you want, and includes all the legal and mandatory notices that are required. A handbook can be daunting and confusing…or it can be painless and easy with Solution Services! Call us today at 888-557-1600 for a free consultation with one of our business owners.