Small Business Owner? Keep reading…

Small business owners can’t do everything – they aren’t HR professionals, and accountants, and insurance brokers, and safety managers, and operations managers, and payroll specialists, and recruiters, and, and, and…

Here are a few tips to avoid some costly errors. I could just tell you to Outsource all your Human Resources needs to Solution Services and that could solve some costly errors. But instead, I’ll explain some areas where small business owners need to be aware when it comes to HR issues. Keep in mind as you read this, our services take care of most of these tasks for you!

  1. Hire and Onboard Quickly – Good candidates are most likely being “courted” by multiple companies. It’s an employee’s market right now; and finding good, loyal help should happen quickly and efficiently. Automating paperwork, prepping employees for their first day, and making a quick offer are three great starting points in hiring new candidates.
  2. Employee Handbook – As a company is first starting out, don’t make the mistake of not providing a company handbook for your employees. This notifies all your employees of policies, procedures, and guidelines. Even if you write it yourself – create a written document that your employees can easily understand and follow. This will be a huge help when it comes to disagreements, changes in procedures, or avoidance of costly mistakes.
  3. Give Evaluations – Create a document and schedule evaluations for all employees on an consistent basis. Provide feedback to employees on their performance, efficiency, and attendance. Leaving employees in the dark when it comes to how they’re doing at work does the employer more of a disservice than they might think. And document these evaluations! Employees that are terminated on a whim, without notice or documentation can sue an employer for being fired without just cause or for discrimination if they’re in a protected class.
  4. Labor Law Knowledge – Federal, state, and local employment rules and regulations change as the wind blows. Okay, so maybe not that often, but they DO change frequently and keeping abreast of the complex labor laws is extremely important. One mistake, or one misrepresentation of the law can land any small or large employer in the middle of a lawsuit. FMLA, ADA, FLSA, OSHA, ACA…the list goes on and on.

Large business as well as small businesses face similar challenges with the items I’ve mentioned, but small businesses don’t have a corporate backing to educate and administer these HR duties. Short of hiring an expensive HR Manager that is well educated and experienced all aspects of HR – Outsourcing is a perfect solution. Using a Professional Employer Organization brings a partner into the equation to help manage the Human Resource side of your business.