Workplace Safety Training

Workplace Safety Training

Through Workplace Safety Training, Solution Services can help reduce employee injuries that, along with keeping employees safe, will maintain employee productivity and reduce the cost of doing business by controlling the cost of Workers Compensation insurance. Programs designed to avoid potential injury also will improve morale and increase productivity.

Our Loss Control, Claims Management, and Insurance Administration services include programs designed to reduce injuries through training and recommendations to improve safety in the work environment.

Written Safety Program

  • Assist in customizing safety program designed to meet client specific needs
  • Review of current policies and procedures and make recommendations for needed changes
  • Development and updates of required OSHA documents


  • Library of OSHA regulations, references and training materials
  • Outlines for employee safety meetings
  • Support for client management of safety program
  • Assistance with training requirements and needs

Loss Control

  • Assist business owners to better understand the critical link between preventing loss and lowering operating expenses
  • Assist employers in analyzing workplace hazards to help develop, implement, and promote an effective safety program
  • Provide onsite employee training to outline necessary employee safety responsibilities and safety program commitments
  • Provide loss control and loss prevention strategies and services
  • Conduct loss control surveys designed to identify frequency and/or severity of loss exposures
  • Provide loss control recommendations aimed at reducing injury
  • Develop safety incentive programs to foster injury-free work sites
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    Scott C.
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    Jess H.
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    Barbara H.
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    Tim B