Outsourcing the HR Function

Many small business owners would agree that a great deal of time is wasted and ever-growing frustration gained from meddling through various HR issues. Laborious tasks such as payroll, benefits, ACA compliance, federal and state taxes, HR management functions (discipline, attendance), recruiting, safety, and keeping up to date on the ever-changing legal regulations can suck up at least 50% of a day for an owner or manager. And most owners and managers aren’t HR professionals – meaning their backgrounds and experience don’t necessarily lie within the HR bubble. They’re geared towards business, sales, and making a profit. Outsourcing makes sense, but is it for you and your business? Let’s take a look at the benefits of outsourcing and when it becomes time to make that investment into a co-employment relationship.

A PEO (professional employer organization) is an ideal solution for any company that doesn’t have an in-house human resources team. With a PEO, you get the best of all HR worlds. Most HR professionals are not proficient in every single aspect of HR (without paying an extremely high salary). Some HR professionals specialize in benefits or payroll, some in recruiting, and other in HR management. With a PEO, you are able to get a professional in each area of HR that you are looking for. With ACA compliance alone, finding a PEO that has a skilled insurance broker is a non-negotiable in the ever-changing world of benefits and compliance. The laws and rules are constantly changing and with an upcoming election, the ACA will enter a world of possible changes and new deadlines.

A PEO can offer guidance, direction, and sound business advice when it comes to every aspect of HR. A good time to develop a partnership with a PEO is typically after you have a few employees on board. In order to avoid a disruption to your business and staff, beginning with a PEO partnership makes sense. If you start with a solid handbook provided by your PEO, and an insurance expert groomed in ACA compliance, you can focus on the business you are building.

If you are interested in outsourcing and using a PEO, let us give you a free consultation. Our team is experienced and talented and will work hard to protect your business and your people. We have the best of the best at Solution Services: two owners who have spent 25 years in the PEO industry, an experienced insurance broker for 20 years, a highly skilled HR Director with 15 years experience, a diversely experienced Controller, two talented payroll clerks, and a knowledgeable and personable on-boarding administrator. Give our office a call, and see how we can help you today! 1-888-557-1600.