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Formerly known as employee leasing, a PEO is one of today’s best management strategies for small – medium sized business to satisfy its employee administration needs. Solution Services’ program is available to your company no matter what your business size; regardless, if you have a business with five employees or a division of a major corporation or any size in between.

By transferring your employees to Solution Services’ payroll, Solution Services becomes the employer of record for payroll and tax purposes. However, your company still maintains the day-to-day control of your workers.

Solution Services will give you freedom from your employee administration responsibilities. More specifically, Solution Services performs the following services:

  • Prepare payroll and pay employees
  • Pay all payroll and statutory taxes
  • Provide assistance with regulatory compliance
  • Pay state and federal unemployment insurance; complete, respond, and monitor all unemployment claims
  • Provide workers’ compensation insurance, audits, and claims management. We also control and monitor workers compensation hearings and reviews
  • Consult & develop a workplace safety program
  • Provide a complete insurance and fringe benefits package
  • Provide HR consulting services – Solution Services’ professional human resource staff will give you as much or as little support as you need
  • Administer and procure health insurance
  • Prepare customized employee handbooks

Absolutely not, you still manage your business as you did before. You continue to set the job responsibilities, measure goals, and monitor employees’ performance just as you do now.

All you have to do is to pay Solution Services each pay period to cover the payroll, payroll taxes, benefits, and our administration fee. This greatly simplifies your accounting.

In the same way you currently pay them, i.e.; weekly, bi-weekly, or semi-monthly. Solution Services will deliver the payroll and the invoice and then you distribute the paychecks to your employees. You simply pay the invoice and Solution Services takes care of the rest.

Your employees will love our service. Your employees will continue to perform the same jobs, report to the same people, and receive the same compensation structure; however, your employees will now have access to a fringe benefit package that is more commonly found in many Fortune 500 companies. The benefits that your employees will have access to include the following:

  • Medical insurance plans
  • Dental insurance plans
  • National provider networks
  • Cafeteria 125 saving plans
  • Cafeteria 129 saving plans
  • Group life/AD&D insurance
  • 401(k)retirement plan
  • Employee assistance plan (EAP)

A member of Solution Services’ staff will come to your work site and conduct an enrollment meeting to explain all the services and benefits available to your staff. Subsequent meetings with your staff can be scheduled as you feel necessary to ensure that all current and new staff stay current on Solution Services’ program.

No. Solution Services works with all kinds of businesses, from professional offices to manufacturing and other blue-collar companies. No matter what type of business, Solution Services can usually help each client run his/her business more effectively and efficiently by getting the owner or manager out of the employee administration business.

Call Solution Services at 1-888-557-1600 and a sales representative will contact you at your convenience. You can also request information via this web site.

Partnering Process

Remember, our goal is to save you time, so let’s keep it simple…

From the get go, we want to reduce the amount of time you spend managing things that are not part of your core business. We do this by lifting your burden and providing easy to use tools that give you the information you need, when you need it.

We want you to know what to expect from us, so this is an outline of the process for partnering with Solution Services:

  • Step 1: Initial Meeting

    Our Business Consultants take a collaborative approach to understanding your unique business needs and introduce examples of how Managed Human Resources can save you time and improve your company’s bottom line.

  • Step 2: Information Gathering

    We gather all of the information necessary to understand your business, your people and company culture so we can provide you with an accurate and firm proposal.

  • Step 3: Proposal Meeting

    We share with you an itemized breakdown of your cost for benefits, payroll management and the benefits of outsourcing human resource management. Everything up front, no surprises.

  • Step 4: Implementation & Orientation

    Once you decide to partner with Solution Services, we begin the implementation plan, which focuses on employee communication and education. An employee orientation introduces Solution Services; its high quality employee benefits plans and begins the process of enrolling employees into his or her selected plan.

Ongoing partnership

The most important part of the process is your relationship with Solution Services. You are now spending less time worrying about payroll, benefits, risk management, vacation and sick pay, and now spending more time with your customers, friends and family. We will meet with you at our corporate offices or at your place of business on a regular basis to make sure your needs are being met, and when a question or problem arises we are just a phone call away.

More Time | Less Headaches | Qualified Expertise | Less Risk

  • …..No one is going to care about my business like the Solutions Services team! I know no other company would spend the time helping me to manage the employee relations and benefits and discipline like the team at Solutions Services. I know and trust each member of Solutions Services…..

    Scott C.
  • “…..After 5 years, yes, we are pleased with our relationship with Solution Services, they enable us to spend more time doing what we do best and less time on payroll, medical, 401K, and cafeteria plan management. “

    Jess H.
  • “….the most valuable service they provide me is their staff is ALWAYS up to date on HR issues, insurance changes, and any other field that effects payroll. Including up to date posters.  With their well trained staff  I would highly recommend Solution Services to any business, looking to ease the burden of payroll and all it entails.”

    Barbara H.
  • “Solution Services is a key part of business. They keep us on track, they make sure we follow all the laws and regulations. They save us time and thus save us a lot of money. We would not be we are today without them. Using them is absolutely a no brainer.”

    Tim B