About us

About us

Solution Services, Inc. is among the most experienced of all Professional Employer Organizations headquartered in Utah. We’re privately held and fully compliant with the strictest Federal and State Professional Employer Organization (PEO) guidelines and regulations.
During the past fifteen years, an increasing number of Utah business owners have turned to Solution Services to help them grow their companies. Solution Services has responded by continually improving our technology, staffing and capabilities to better serve our clients.



Solution Services software provides a centralized, easy way for clients to view information tying together payroll, HR, and accounting systems. Consolidating this information makes it easier to share information with clients and employees, giving everyone improved peace of mind.



Solution Services offers secure, internet-based tools giving business owners and employees access to a vast amount of information 24 hours a day 365 days a year. We identify the types of information that is most useful and provide a user friendly and secure way to access it.



Solution Services employs experts in Finance, Human Resources, Risk Management and Technology. Our team is on top of the latest trends, laws, regulations and best business practices.

The Solution Services team becomes your team; a group of experts that share the burdens of managing HR, benefits, payroll, workers compensation insurance and workplace safety in a way that helps companies attract and retain the best employees.

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More Time | Less Headaches | Qualified Expertise | Less Risk

  • …..No one is going to care about my business like the Solutions Services team! I know no other company would spend the time helping me to manage the employee relations and benefits and discipline like the team at Solutions Services. I know and trust each member of Solutions Services…..

    Scott C.
  • “…..After 5 years, yes, we are pleased with our relationship with Solution Services, they enable us to spend more time doing what we do best and less time on payroll, medical, 401K, and cafeteria plan management. “

    Jess H.
  • “….the most valuable service they provide me is their staff is ALWAYS up to date on HR issues, insurance changes, and any other field that effects payroll. Including up to date posters.  With their well trained staff  I would highly recommend Solution Services to any business, looking to ease the burden of payroll and all it entails.”

    Barbara H.
  • “Solution Services is a key part of business. They keep us on track, they make sure we follow all the laws and regulations. They save us time and thus save us a lot of money. We would not be we are today without them. Using them is absolutely a no brainer.”

    Tim B