Workers Compensation Insurance

There are no shortcuts to worker's compensation insurance, but there is a right way and many wrong ways to go about managing your company's liability and insurance expense.

Solution Services can facilitate the best policy at the best available price for your company. We can help you reduce risk factors and maximize cost-effective options and alternatives. With your policy in place, Solution Services handles all aspects of administration, claims management and reporting. We can't make it "free" but we can certainly take most of the hassle out of worker's compensation insurance.

Insurance Administration

  • Provide forms and posters required for compliance with Workers Compensation and safety regulations
  • Provide administration of Workers Compensation certificates as requested

Claims Management

  • Maintenance of medical referral network for employees
  • Monitoring of employee and claim adjuster activities
  • Facilitate an injured worker's successful return to gainful employment
  • Reduce the overall costs of the claim and minimize increases in insurance premiums
  • Provide onsite accident investigations and assist the employer in identifying return-to-work options
  • Provide the injured worker with training to help them sustain their productivity and remain on the job
  • Provide the employer with Injury Recordkeeping Policy guidance and instruction, including First Report of Injury filing
  • Manage Workers Compensation claims, review and analysis to include filing the First Report of Injury and establishing medical referral network in conjunction with the carrier
  • Assist with transitional light duty job development
  • Represent clients at claims hearings and appeals