Risk Management Company

Who Needs Risk Management Outsourcing Services?

Risk Management Outsourcing Services refers to the process wherein a business contracts with a third party service provider to provide services related to the employee risk management that might otherwise be performed by in-house employees of the business.

Solution Services Inc., a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), is a firm that specializes in Risk Management Outsourcing Services.  Through a win-win arrangement, Solution Services joins with your organization and becomes the legal employer of record of your employees.  This contractual agreement establishes a co-employer relationship that removes or decreases many of the risks and responsibilities of being an employer from your organization.

It is important to understand that while a relationship with Solution Services provides your organization with numerous and valuable services and products, Solution Services does provide services in competition with payroll services, insurance brokers, and/or consultants.  However in the PEO relationship, Solution Services actually becomes the employer of record and shares the employment risks with your organization as a vested partner.  Because Solution Services becomes the employer of record for your organization’s employees, many of the government mandated duties and responsibilities of being an employer are shifted and performed by Solution Services.

Our program contains many types of services provided and sold by other industries.  But none of those providers are willing, or able, to actually join you in the employment of your employees and accept the liability and responsibility of being the employer of record.  By contractually establishing a relationship with Solution Services, your organization will benefit from Risk Management Outsourcing Services that will allow your organization to be more efficient; thereby, allowing your organization to create a competitive advantage over many of your competitors.

Because Solution Services is a Risk Management Outsourcing Service, we are constantly pursuing ways to decrease the risks associated with employees; thereby, creating a win–win situation for both your organization and Solution Services.