Payroll Outsourcing Services

Most organizations do not recognize how often most of their competitors already outsource various functions of day-to-day operations.  Examples of how your competition outsource are the following:

  • Legal services
  • Accounting Services
  • Shipping
  • Inventory control
  • Information technology (IT) consulting and servicing
  • Benefit and business insurance procurement and management
  • Workers compensation claim management
  • Unemployment claim management
  • Outside consultants
Payroll Outsourcing Services help a business adopt a more efficient operating method, a concept in which the business focus is on the core income producing competencies. By outsourcing, the business can stay lean through economic downturns and yet be fully operational in an expanding economy.

Through an agreement with Solution Services, your organization is able to take full advantage of payroll outsourcing services, bringing immediate economies of scale for the payroll, human resource, and risk management of your organization.  This is achieved by the pooling outsourcing functions of your organization with other Solution Services’ clients.
Payroll processing requires expertise and time that most business professionals cannot afford in-house. Solution Services software and information systems are designed to manage virtually any payroll structure, as well as deductions, garnishments, job costing and pre-tax benefits.


Outsourcing your payroll to Solution Services, Inc. will reduce your processing costs and streamline your operations.
  • Calculation, printing, and delivery of payroll checks
  • Payroll checks are drawn on Solution Services, Inc.'s bank account
  • Processing of voluntary and court ordered deductions
  • Remittance of employee garnishment payments and response to related inquiries
  • Direct deposit of employee wages to his/her bank account
  • Processing of management reports including job costing, certified payroll, and tip allocation
  • Administration of replacement checks and stop payment procedures
  • Reconciliation of payroll accounts
Payroll Website

Solution Services gives you full online access to all the standard payroll reports as soon as the payroll is run, including:
  • Deduction Register
  • Invoice History
  • Job Cost Report
  • Check Register
  • Deduction Roster
  • Processing Schedule
Tax Administration
  • Calculation and deposit of employer and employee taxes
  • Tax filings: W-2, W-3, 940, 941 and other required government forms
  • Administration of payroll audits
  • Assume certain employer tax liabilities: Social Security, Medicare, federal unemployment, state unemployment, employee training, state disability, and single business tax (where applicable).