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Outsourcing HR

Human Resource Outsourcing or the function of Outsourcing HR is a business non-core function that may become critical and would need skilled intervention.  Many organizations attempt to internally manage this role until they face legal action. At such times, this same function is outsourced and becomes critical in the hands of an expensive legal provider.  The old adage “an ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of cure” really identifies why many businesses today are Outsourcing HR.  Solution Services specialized HR professionals provide the skills, knowledge, and expertise to manage the Human Resource Outsourcing functions for your organization to prevent the crisis management that occurs all to often when the ounce of prevention is overlooked due to time constraints, deadlines and the general lack of knowledge and expertise.

Solution Services ability to hone our skills and apply them in your day to day work place eliminates the pressure from your organization and allows you to focus on your core income producing competencies.  We pride ourselves in proactive practices to educate, facilitate and train the worksite staff in the essentials of workplace standards and professionalism.

Risk mitigation or risk management is the very core of our services.  We utilize your direction and then provide written policies and standards for each employee to maintain and be accountable.  Clear, concise, accurate written communications help everyone understand and then meet the expectation. Solution Services brings the entire human resource package together for your business so you can keep your focus on the core competencies.

Solution Services, Inc. is among the most experienced of all Professional Employer Organizations headquartered in Utah. We're privately held and fully compliant with the strictest Federal and State Professional Employer Organization (PEO) guidelines and regulations.